Our Silvadec wood composite technology

The wood composite technology by Silvadec

Our wood composite has exceptional qualities of use due to its unique formulation. Composed mainly of wood, the Silvadec composite is a unique high-quality color-impregnated material composed of 2/3 wood flour and 1/3 polyethylene with an exclusive reconstitution in the form of fibers for greater durability. This exceptional material has no equivalent in Europe.

Silvadec offers a comprehensive range of wood composite products for every need (solid decking, honeycomb fencing boards, louver boards for cladding, railings).

The advantages of Silvadec wood composite

Silvadec wood composite is the perfect complement to outdoor wood products because it looks just like wood without the drawbacks:

  • Does not turn grey
  • No treatment required. A mere seasonal cleaning routine is requiered
  • Rot resistant 

Due to its technological expertise, Silvadec manufactures a product with a high percentage of wood that has a long life outdoors, giving it very important advantages compared with other types of wood composite on the market with a lower wood content:

  • Easy to work
  • Benefits from a warm appearance that lasts over time
  • More comfortable to use: cooler on bare feet* and better slip resistance
  • Better resistance to UV rays: less brittle or fragile under impacts over time

* for the Natural Range

Manufacturing technologies

NATURAL RANGE a proven extrusion technology creating a product that resembles solid wood

This is Silvadec wood composite in its natural state, a patented product with a very high wood content. The wood flour can be seen on the surface and boards are color-impregnated.

The “Natural” range uses Elegance boards (for decking, fencing and railing uses) and Emotion board available for decking.

These boards can be worked just as easily as solid wood and therefore they can be sanded, planed, drilled, etc. Decking boards in the Natural Range have many advantages:

  • Wide choice of colours, widths and finishes
  • Solid boards that are easy to work
  • Treated on the underside to block moisture uptake from below
  • Ideal for bare feet (temperatures equivalent to tropical hardwood)

Elegance Boards (Smooth Terrace EleganceEmbossed Decking Board EleganceFencing EleganceRailing Elegance) and Emotion (Smooth Emotion Boards) are intended for outdoor areas subject to UV rays and rain, and require periodic cleaning.

The first time they are exposed to UV rays, the boards initially yellow due to the wood flour, and then return almost to their original colour. This is a temporary phenomenon.

HIGH-TECH RANGE Innovative co-extrusion technology with exceptional properties

The High-Tech range includes the Atmosphere boards for decking, fencing and cladding.

These are manufactured by Silvadec thanks to an innovative co-extrusion process: a protective polymer envelope coats the wood composite board, giving it outstanding advantages:

  • No temporary variation of the color after installation: the color remains stable
  • Very easy to clean

They are suitable for outdoor, sheltered or semi-sheltered areas.

High-Tech Silvadec wood composite boards are available for:

Silvadec wood composite decking, fencing and cladding boards are available in 2 families.