Silvadec, the european leading wood composite manufacturer

A proven wood composite technology made in France & Germany

Silvadec was founded in France in 2001, and was the first company to manufacture wood composite in Europe. The cofounders, Bénédicte Jézéquel and Philippe Crez, contacted the leading North American company to develop a special formulation of wood composite made largely of wood flour to create Silvadec wood composite , a patented product. Since then, international demand has continued to grow. As a pioneering wood composite manufacturer, Silvadec has almost 20 years experience with this technology, and almost 30 years of historical perspective through its North American partner.

Thanks to its expertise, experience and innovation, Silvadec occupies a leading position in France and Europe in the manufacture of wood composite, and is considered a model of excellence on its market.

Finally, Silvadec pays special attention to the quality of its raw material, which is why we have partnered with a Brittany, in 2014, sawmill through the “C2J” Joint Venture. We control the quality and volume of our wood flour, thereby optimizing control over the finished product.

  Key figures:

  • Founded in Azal in October 2001, France
  • 4000 m² industrial site
  • Production of 1 million m² of wood composite per year

A wood composite manufacturer with proven expertise

Silvadec’s expertise is essential in a continuously changing market! Thanks to its technological mastery, Silvadec has developed its unique, ecological and superior quality formulation for color-impregnated wood composite made largely from wood (⅔ wood flour , ⅓ HDPE).

Our expertise is recognized by our customers, leading retailers of wood and construction materials, partners who have worked alongside us from the very start, and also by world-famous architectural firms.

As a result, our products have been used in prestigious national and international projects.

Durable, hard-wearing products

Silvadec, as manufacturer, is committed to providing its customers with high quality products by providing a 25-year warranty for its decking and fencingSILVADEC warranties that its decking, fencing and railing made of Silvadec wood composite will not splinter and will not suffer structural damage due to fungi, wood-eating insects or termites over a period of 25 years (residential use) and  10 years (commercial, professional or public use) starting from the purchase date and under normal conditions of use and regular maintenance. See warranty terms (deckingfencing). Cladding is warranteed for 10 years: see warranty terms (cladding).

Innovative and extensive product ranges, with a wide selection of colours and finishes

Our R&D teams have developed a wide range of wood composite products.

As a dynamic and innovative company, we continuously invest in research and development to enhance the quality and design of our wood composite for new outdoor improvement solutions.

We tailor our solutions to the needs of a demanding and continuously changing market, and we offer a wide range of boards for decking, fencing, railing and cladding reflecting the latest market trends.


Affordable products and local service

Silvadec products are available throughout the country. Many leading retailers and wholesalers of wood and construction materials now sell Silvadec wood composite.

Please call us to find distributor nearest to you capable of providing the products you need! They will be able to give you advice or recommend an installer.

Silvadec will do everything in its power to give you the most reliable and accurate information about how to complete your outdoor improvement project using our products.


Eco-management and eco-responsible products

Silvadec has an eco-responsible policy and satisfies strict environmental standards. Our production technology consists of recycling wood originating from sustainably managed forests. Our products are 100% recyclable and release no toxic materials.

Silvadec uses recycled wood chips and sawdust to manufacture a composite material with properties similar to tropical hardwood. In doing so, we help reduce deforestation by offering Silvadec wood composite as a local and ecological alternative.  Silvadec products are ideal for High Environmental Quality projects.

In 2014, the company was awarded ISO14001 certification, an additional assurance of its commitment to the environment, and warranting a process of continuous improvement to reduce its environmental impacts.

In 2017, Silvadec obtained the highest grade ever awarded to a composite timber manufacturer by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

Silvadec: French wood composite manufacturer, pioneer and market leader, partner for outdoor spaces