Our commitment for the environment

An ecological commitment

Silvadec uses a technology that consists of recycling wood chips and sawdust to manufacture wood composite cladding, fencing and decking boards resistant to UV rays, for outdoor use.

It is an ecological wood composite, made of two-thirds wood flour and one-third high density polyethylene (HDPE).

By offering products with features similar to exotic woods, Silvadec hopes to reduce the sale of such species and the massive deforestation that goes with it. It contributes  to the preservation of tropical forests.

This material satisfies the requirements of our customers who are always looking for easy to use, hard-wearing products that are easy to maintain and that are environmentally-friendly. It is ideal for outdoor use.

Green products

Special attention is paid to the choice of raw materials. Silvadec wood composite is largely made from recycled materials. Despite the large volume of products we make, no trees are cut down for our manufacturing because we use wood flour produced by a Brittany sawmill.

Our products are also 100% recyclable. As a French producer, Silvadec has set up a program (Ecobox by Silvadec) to recycle its wood composite waste from our customers.

Finally, our products are durable and require no treatment.

Eco-responsible wood composite production

Silvadec is the first French PEFC certified wood composite manufacturer. This European label warranties that the wood or wood based products marked with this label originate from sustainably managed forests.
dgaln_a__couleur-webClean product:

  • It releases no toxic products (no formaldehyde or PVC).
  • It contains no heavy metals.
  • Its emissions of volatile organic compounds are very low: class A+.
  • It is durable and requires no treatment.

ISO 14001 certification and support of ADEME

The Silvadec production site is classified as an I.C.P.E (facility classified for environmental protection) and satisfies strict environmental standards. We also obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2014.  ISO standard 14001 refers to country-specific legislation and is therefore particularly stringent in France. With this rigorous and ambitious approach, Silvadec demonstrates its opposition to greenwashing and lends credibility to its environmental commitments.

Silvadec is also implementing an eco-responsible policy aimed at reducing its environmental impacts in a continuous improvement approach.

Silvadec’s environmental policy is supported by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Agency that has recognized Silvadec’s rot-resistant wood composite as an excellent alternative to exotic hardwoods, helping to reduce massive deforestation.

The C2J joint venture for sustainable development

C2J was founded in 2014 as a joint venture with Josso, the largest sawmill in Brittany, located close to Silvadeclogoc2j-web. Its target is to recycle sawmill by-products (wood chips and sawdust) into wood flour to be used for the manufacture of Silvadec composite boards. Thus, Silvadec is sure of the origin of its wood flour and minimizes emissions of CO2, buying its raw material locally. By strengthening its financial, environmental and social investments through C2J, Silvadec has embarked on a strong sustainable development initiative.

The advantages of this vertical integration:

  • Control of its sourcing for increased volume and improved quality
  • Local sourcing to minimize the carbon footprint
  • Supports the local economy with the creation of 7 jobs

In strengthening its economic, ecological and societal investment through C2J, Silvadec adopts a firmly oriented sustainable development approach.


– 2019: 1st French wood composite supplier to register a decking EPD and cladding EPD, for Silvadec® wood composite – (EPD: Environmental Product Declaration).

– 2019: Silvadec joins RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

– 2018: ISO 14001 certification – 2015 version

– 2018: Awarded the Innovation Trophy for its Eco-Box system – Carrefour International of fencing.

– 2017: Obtaining of the SGBC (Singapore Green Builiding Certificate) label.

– 2016Eco-Box program started by Silvadec. ORPLAST (Plastics Recycling Objective) prize:   ADEME and the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea rewarded Silvadec for its involvement in prestigious projects related to the integration of recycled polyethylene into its manufacturing process to support the circular economy and conserve resources.

– 2014: Implementation of an environmental management system through ISO 14001. First ISO 14001 certified independent wood composite manufacturer in Europe. Implementation of the Silvabiobag recycling program. Creation of C2J.

– 2013: Awarded the GREENLABEL  environment label, very well known internationally.

Sponsorship of the Applied Sciences, Ecology and Society degree – UBS (University of Brittany South).

2011: PEFC certification – Silvadec, the first PEFC certified wood composite manufacturer in Europe.

2008: Evaluation of the carbon footprint and analysis of the product life cycle.

2005: “Sustainable development” prize

Golden Trophy for Eco-products and environmental policies for garden professionals.

2004: Nicolas Hulot school for Nature and Man

1st HQE (High Environmental Quality) project.

2001: Creation of Forexia®, our wood composite – 100 % recyclable, product supported by ADEME.