Brushed Atmosphere Decking board

Atmosphere Decking Boards

An optimal and slip resistant wood composite board

The Brushed Atmosphere board has the special feature of having very good grip and therefore excellent slip resistance. The rough feel and the “brushed” surface also give it an authentic look. Innovative technology used during manufacturing means outstanding quality and easy clean-up of household stains are guaranteed, even after years of use.

Made in France

Product Description

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  • Waterproof co-extruded composite boards mean easy clean-up of household stains
  • Slip-resistant (R12-R13), UV-resistant, stain-resistant (sand or stable) colour, no temporary tanning)
  • Ideal for outdoor areas or in sheltered or semi-sheltered areas.

The brushed Atmosphere board is perfect for…

…patios, decks, passageways, access paths, outdoor kitchens (in exposed, partly sheltered or sheltered areas), in private or public areas (such as café, hotel or restaurant patios). Its good slip resistance will keep you safe while you relax on your deck. Its natural and brightly colored appearance makes it blend perfectly into all types of outdoor areas.

Waterproof, for quick and easy clean-up of household stains. Grease or food stains are easier to remove if they are cleaned immediately.  This co-extruded wood composite decking board is water-proof, easy to care for, and it will retain its attractive color through the seasons with no change. Its dramatic color makes it genuinely unique.

A “co-extruded” wood composite decking board

This Brushed Atmosphere board is part of the High-Tech range and is an innovative and hard-wearing solid board. It is derived from a unique co-extruded wood composite process. This technical innovation consists of capping the wood composite board with a layer of polymer materials that protect the surface and also the underface to assure long term uniform behavior of the board. It also confers exceptional UV and stain resistance, and makes it completely water-proof.

This board offers a unique and natural look depending on the color, with the option of mixing the colours to obtain a unique and more inviting appearance.

The R12-R13 “general public” board that is creating a revolution in the wood composite market!

Silvadec’s R&D teams have developed this wood composite board with a brushed finish. It is certified  R12-13 and thus satisfies the requirements of public procurement due to its high grip. Its outstanding technical properties will not fail to attract both homeowners and professionals.

Additional Information


NEW ! Width 180mm
Available in 2 width:
> Dimension 138 (l) * 23 (h) * 4000 (L) mm > Dimension 180 (l) * 23 (h) * 4000 (L) mm

ColorsAvailable in 6 Colors :

> Ushuaïa Grey
> Cayenne Grey
> Belem Grey
> Sao Paulo Brown
> Bown Rio
> Lima Brown

TechnologySolid board in co-extruded composite, in the "High-Tech" range

Buildings ideas

A splendid view in all directions from the Cayenne Grey Brushed Atmosphere composite decking strip that transcends this magnificent Italian landscape.  Its authentic and modern appearance blends into this natural environment in which harmony abounds.  You can expect a similar result in your garden!

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