Smooth Emotion Decking Board

Emotion Decking Boards

You can count on its warm side

The Emotion board can be distinguished by its manufacturing process, which consists in injecting a random mixture of several dyes into the board.

Thanks to our mastery of this technique, the shades of colour of Emotion boards are reinforced, thereby highlighting the authentic finish that makes each board unique!

Reinforced natural colours for a unique decking!

Made in France

Product Description

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  • Easy to install
  • Unique, authentic grain
  • Two warm colour options

The Smooth Emotion board is perfect for…

…your swimming pool decks, balconies, decks and patios. Its smooth finish makes it very comfortable, particularly when barefoot. You will appreciate the board’s golden tint in the sunshine. Emotion decking boards are exceptional wood composite boards made unique by the manufacturing process!

Random colours!

No other boards resemble Emotion decking boards, due to the extrusion process used for their manufacture. A random mix of different coloring agents is injected during manufacturing, so that every board is different. Over the years, the different colours will remain and your deck will always be just as welcoming and attractive!

A wood composite decking board made by Silvadec

Emotion decking boards are solid boards. Like all products in Silvadec’s Natural Range, this board is made by an extrusion process that makes it durable and easy to use. It is easy to work with, just like solid wood.

Additional Information

DimensionsAvailable en 1 width:
> 138 (l) * 23 (h) * 4000 (L) mm
(available from 1 to 6 m on special order).
Tolerances: width and thickness: +/-2 mm; length: +/-10 mm.
ColorsAvailable in 3 Colors :

> Equator Brown
> Savannah Brown
> Taïga Grey

TechnologySolid composite board with random colour injected in bulk int the "Natural" range

Buildings ideas

Welcoming ambience for this composite wood deck balcony made from Savannah Emotion boards. Note the innovate design of its planters that ties this well-designed project together so well. A good way of extending living space to the outdoors, thus making an extra room for this Portuguese homeowner. You could do the same!

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