Elegance railing

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Made in France

Product Description

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  • Clean, modern lines
  • In line with safety standards
  • Boards and posts available in different colours
  • Suitable for use on an incline (e.g. a ramp alongside steps)

Proven and certified strength

More than a simple railing, this safety barrier respects safety standards aimed at protecting persons from the risk of falling. It satisfies French standard NF P 01-013, NF P 01-012 and European standard Eurocode EN1991-1-1 for classes A and B (Homes, residential buildings and offices).

Adjust your safety barrier to the required width of your barrier

This wood composite safety barrier can be adjusted to the width that you need (you should obtain a bag of 3 manual crimping turnbuckles, available from Silvadec). You can also modify its style by alternating sides of Elegance boards (grooved or smooth), and adding LED lighting to the posts (available in 3 colours, brown, anthracite grey and metallic grey). You can take advantage of your superb railing during the day or night!

A wood composite railing made by Silvadec

Our wood composite railing is derived from the “Natural” range, and is composed of Elegance honeycomb boards for vertical use. It can also be used along slopes with an angle of up to 40°.

Additional Information

DimensionsWidth adjustable as required:
> Dimension 1200 (l) * 1100 (h) * 65 (ep.) mm
ColorsAvailable in 2 Colors :

> Anthracite grey
> Exotic brown

FinishesDouble-sided boards : > A smooth board > A grooved board
TechnologyHollow-core monochrome composite board, dyed in bulk, in the "Natural range"

Buildings ideas

Stylish and functional, our Elegance composite balustrade blends perfectly into any type of construction.  The choice of an anthracite grey colour gives a trendy look to this product that won our “Golden talent” award for the quality of its finishes. Harmony and sobriety go alongside safety.

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The Elegance composite railing consists of two parts:

The main unit, comprising:

  • 3 composite wood boards, 1158 (L) x 150 (H) x 21 mm – Colour options: Anthracite grey and Exotic brown
  • 1 coated aluminium post, 65 x 50 x 1037
  • 1 post support double-shell/f XX made of coated aluminium, 120 mm wide x 110 mm high
  • 1 coated aluminium rail, 1122.5 (L) x 34 x 45 mm (H)
  • 1 handrail in composite wood and coated aluminium, 1117.5 (L) x 55 x 55 mm
  • 3 stainless steel cables and cable tie, 1156 mm (L)

Colour of composite wood: Anthracite grey and Exotic brown

Choice of aluminium colours: Anthracite grey (RAL 7015 gloss), Metallic grey (RAL 9006 matt metal), Brown (RAL 8025)


The secondary unit, comprising:

1 coated aluminium post 65 (L) x 50 x 1037 (H).

1 post support double-shell[J1]  made of coated aluminium, 120 mm wide x 110 mm high.

Choice of aluminium colours: Anthracite grey (RAL 7015 gloss), Metallic grey (RAL 9006 matt metal), Brown (RAL 8025).

To create a custom piece, you can cut the main unit of a railing and adjust the stainless steel cables to the required length, using the bag of 3 manual Silvadec turn-buckles.
It is possible to insert an LED fence post that fits the rabbet of the railing post (vertical position). Both these options are compatible with the same standards as the Elegance railing


Installation, recommendations and care

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