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A wood composite fence board for you to customize that suits your taste!

Its many decorative accessories make it easy to compose a functional and ingenious  wood composite fence. You can choose the height, width, location, etc. The Elegance wood composite board is rot-proof and is guaranteed for 25 years, with one smooth side and one grooved side so that you can create a fence with innovative and authentic style.

Made in France

Product Description

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  • Double-sided: Grooved and Smooth
  • Dimensions and colours that can be customised
  • Can be installed on all types of ground
  • Trim it with design boards and lots of other accessories!

The Elegance wood composite fencing board is perfect for…

…your fences, wind breaks and visual barriers. Your wood composite fence is as strong as it is innovative and will blend perfectly into your outdoor area and create a  friendly and relaxing space. Amateur decorators will not fail to be delighted with the many Silvadec accessories with smooth or sanded finish. Let your creative spirit run wild by alternating the smooth and grooved sides of your wood composite boards!

A wind-resistant reversible wood composite board

The Elegance fencing board is reversible with one smooth side and one grooved side. It is part of Silvadec’s Natural Range, and consists of a color-impregnated wood composite fencing board made using the Silvadec wood composite technology, giving it unmatched durability. Like all boards in the Natural Range, this board will go through a temporary tanning period, and it requires more regular cleaning. It can also withstand winds of up to 100 km/h, and is easy to handle due to its honeycomb structure. This board is not designed for installation on a low wall. Use the Atmosphere fencing board if you want to install it on a low wall.

A wide range of smooth or sanded aluminum accessories

Customize your Elegance fence making use of the many installation and finishing accessories, to be chosen from among a range of traditional smooth or more trendy sanded aluminum. You composite fence will also perfectly match your Silvadec Elegance decking!

Additional Information

DimensionsAvailable in:
> Dimensions 150 x 21 x 1783 mm
ColorsAvailable in 2 Colors :

> Anthracite grey
> Exotic brown

TechnologyHollow-core monochrome composite board, dyed in bulk, in the Gamme "Naturelle"

Buildings ideas

Operation seduction for this private project designed around the Elegance board for the terrace and also for the fence. Take a good look at these Elegance composite fence boards fitted with LEDs for subdued lighting in the evening. The party can begin!

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Related accessories

As well as a varied selection of on-trend design boards, you have a choice of two accessory ranges for installing and customising your Silvadec composite fencing: a smooth range and a sanded range. There are lots of modern or more traditional colours for you to choose from!

Installation, recommendations and care

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