Tour Montparnasse – 2011

Restaurant Terrace

La Trinity Pontoon – 2009

Elegance Grooved Decking Board

Mandarin Hotel Singapore – 2013


Holiday Park deck, France


Arbina Hotel: Extreme strength, Tignes, France – 2006

Balcony extreme conditions

Ricoh Head Office, Rungis, France


Maison Bleue Nursery School Cladding, Saint-Cyr

Atmosphere slatted board

Mountain deck, France

Extreme conditions

Saint Brévin l’Océan terrrace, France – 2016

Casino Hotel Loire-Atlantique

Port of San Sebastian Pontoon, Spain

Elegance Grooved Decking Board

Star Academy Patio France

Television program

Patio and swimming pool deck, Spain

Condes hotel, Barcelona

Mixed swimming pool deck, France

Private terrace

Tabarly Area Pontoon, Lorient, France

Grooved Elegance Decking board

Lake Lugano Pontoon, Suisse

Grooved Elegance Decking Board

Swimming pool deck, South-West France

Silvadec Golden Talent competition

Belleme retirement home, France

Building terrace

Cladding: Saint-Erme Outre and Remiecourt Intermarché (supermarket)

Atmosphere slatted board

Pool deck. Decking PARAGRAPH Hotel, Geogia. – 2017

Pool Deck