Fencing accessories and finishes

Silvadec markets a wide range of finish accessories and elements to match your Silvadec wood composite fencing. You will find installation accessories that make it easy to install your fence, and finish accessories to decorate it all!

  • Powder coated aluminium, Qualicoat label
  • Resists winds of up to 100 km/h*
  • Finishes sanded

The fence resists strong winds. It is guaranteed up to 100 km/h in normal conditions up to a height of 1815 mm with concrete footing and 1260 mm when installed on a Silvadec post support.

Smooth finish:

The range of smooth finish accessoires is available in 3 colours and can be placed on base plates to a height of up to 1.24m (for greater heights, the posts must be anchored in concrete).

Sanded finish:

The range of sanded finish accessoires is available in 2 colours and provides an innovative design with wood composite strips. It can be placed on base plates to a height of up to 1.80m.


Installing your Silvadec wood composite cladding will be easy thanks to these accessories. Just follow the installation instructions and it will be done!


Thermo-coated aluminium.

Struts for opening aluminium fencing boards. They can be stacked. Struts are not compatible with Silvadec® wood composite boards.

Sanded finish
Dimensions: 64×70 mm Available in 2 colours

Dimensions in mm: 15
Colour: anthracite grey
Sold in bags of 22 struts.

Top rail or base rail

Each panel must have a rail at the top and a rail at the bottom of the fencing.

Sanded finish Dimensions : 40x38x1736 mm Available in 2 colours

Intermediate rail

One intermediate rail must be inserted for every three boards to warranty long life  of the fencing while giving it a modern look.

Sanded finish

Dimensions: 23x24x1736mm Available in 2 colours


The Powder coated aluminium fencing post is resistant to wind on all types of ground and for many applications: wind break, screen, fence, etc.

Warning: there is a “strong wind” post and a corner post available in smooth finish, while in sanded finish the 3 in 1 post is used both as a strong wind post and a corner post.

Sanded finish

3 in 1 strong wind post

Powder coated aluminium post. It is positioned at the start, middle and end of the fence.
The removable tab converts it into a corner post or is used to house a fence post LED.

The 3-in-1 high-wind posts up to 1.80 m can be installed on a post support.

Dimensions: 70 x 64 x 1260 mm or 70 x 64 x 2315 mm
Colours: sanded metal grey, sanded, anthracite grey

Corner post

Powder coated aluminium corner fence post. 

The 1260 mm posts may be mounted on post supports, the 2315 mm posts must be embedded in concrete.

Dimensions (mm): 70 x 70 x 1260 and 70 x 70 x 2315.
Colours: brown, anthracite grey, metal grey.

Wall start semi-post

This half-moon post starts the fence against a wall, guaranteeing a good finish.

Start post dimensions: 70 x 35 x 1845.
Colours: anthracite grey, metal grey.

Post finishing profile

This post finishing profile fits into external posts to give an attractive finish to your panel.

Sanded finish

To give the fence a perfect finish.

Dimensions (mm): 27 x 9,5 x 1815. 
Colours: sanded metal grey, sanded anthracite grey.


The discreet and aesthetic Powder coated aluminium cap is placed on top of each post.

Sanded finish

Dimensions: 64×70 mm Available in 2 colours

Wall start semi-cap

Sanded finish
Dimensions: 64×35 mm
Colours: anthracite grey, metal grey.

Post support


Dedicated post support for 3 in 1 high wind post, for improved post support.

Dimensions (mm): 108 x 133 x 83.
Colours: sanded metal grey, sanded anthracite grey.

Top rail connectors

As an option, they allow the verticality and centre distance of the column to be respected. They are mandatory if there is a lighting profile to be fixed at the top.

The installation of the fencing is simplified thanks to the headless screws that fix the upper beam, and the countersunk screws that fix the lighting profile.

Base plate

Lightweight and easy to install, the base plate simplifies any installation on sloping ground, and immediately creates a flat surface for mounting the fence. It replaces a base rail and avoids any contact between the first board and the ground.

Sanded finish

Dimensions: 21x153x1798 mm
Available in 1 colour

Adjusting spacer

The adjusting spacer allows the boards to be raised and their level adjusted on a non-straight ground. At least two adjusting spacer are required per fence (one for each post).

Dimension in mm: 30x45x15

Insérer la cale réglable dans la gorge du poteau, puis la glisser le long du poteau jusqu’à la hauteur souhaitée, en appuyant sur la surface plane intérieure au poteau. La cale de réglage sera bloquée avec le poids des lames.


Add a touch of originality and style to your fencing, thanks to these optional accessories that will give the wood composite panel all its charm!

Design kits

Add a design kit of your choice to your fencing, from the most traditional to the most modern!

Silvadec design kits offer you real customizable landscaping solutions. These decorative elements are inserted instead of composite wood boards, for a unique look and unlimited customization.

Choose from a desing kit in the vegetal universe, with a mineral or contemporary style!

Design kitt " vegetal universe ".

The vegetal design kit in coated steel

Slightly opened, this decor will ensure your well-being and privacy. A real innovation that brings a touch of freshness to your garden.

Dimensions: 321*1783mm

Colours: light grey, anthracite grey

Sanded finish.

The botanical panel

A unique decorative panel that offers multiple options for bringing “vegetation” to your fencing.

• This galvanized steel trellis structure fits perfectly into the environment of your garden and you will enjoy its modular, convivial, and customisable design.

• This panel fits in seamlessly with Silvadec fence posts.

• Supplied as a single unit, without vegetation.

Dimensions (width x height): 800 x 1800 mm

Colours: light grey, anthracite grey

Smooth or sanded finish.

Design kits "Mineral atmosphere"

The mineral design kit in treated steel

This design kit will seduce you with its harmony. It allows light to pass through its rounded shapes. The stainless steel decors replace 2 stacked claustra boards. They simply fit over the Silvadec claustra boards. They can be inserted at any height and must be framed by two wood composite boards.

Dimensions: 321*1783mm
Colours: light grey, anthracite grey

Sanded finish.

The mineral gabion panel in galvanized steel

Our panel can be built harmoniously into your Silvadec® fencing. It is an ideal decorative element to adorn your garden.

For even more individuality, why not use coloured gravel!

We recommend 15 x 25 mm grade gravel.

This panel is inserted between two Silvadec® posts; the top rail and the connectors must be added for the installation. (installation instructions).

Supplied without filling.

Dimensions (width x height): 800 x 1800 mm

You need to use 125 to 150 kg of gravel for a whole panel.

Double-walled galvanized steel grille with stiffening elements between the two walls.

Wire diameters: Ø 4 mm (vertical) and Ø 2 mm (horizontal)
Mesh: 12 x 100 mm
New, more rigid for filling (4 stiffeners over the full height of the panel)

New version more rigid to fill (4 rigidifiers over the entire height of the panel).

Design kit "Contemporary style"

Urban decoration in coated steel

This steel design kit elegantly blends with wood composite boards, creating a modern and sleek style that is suitable for any type of exterior.

The steel design kit replace 2 stacked claustra boards. They simply fit over the Silvadec claustra blades. They can be inserted at any height and must be framed by two wood composite boards.

Dimensions : 321*1783mm

Couleurs : gris clair, gris anthracite

Sanded finish.

Glass design kit

Silvadec offers you two glass design kits that replace 3 stacked claustra boards. The glass decoration can be inserted at any height of the fencing and must be framed by two rails (intermediate rails, high rails)

Frosted glass decoration

Slightly opaque, this design kit allows light to pass through and will serve as a privacy panel.

Clear glass design kit

Entirely transparent, this glass design kit will serve as a windbreak and will bring a bright and refined touch to your fencing.

Dimensions : 432*1783mm

Couleurs : dépoli ou transparent

LED Poteau

Le LED s’insère simplement à la place de la baguette de finition. Complètement étanche (norme IP68), il ajoute de la luminosité au claustra en créant une ambiance conviviale et apaisante.

À accompagner d’une alimentation LED Silvadec qui permet de brancher jusqu’à 3 LEDS.


Dimensions : 24x24x1825 mm

Lighting profile

Ideal at sunset, the light beam is inserted between two screen boards instead of a base, intermediate or top rail. It adapts to any configuration thanks to its adjustable length, giving a bright and warm finish to your fencing.

To be accompanied by a Silvadec LED power supply that allows you to connect up to 3 LEDs.

Sanded Finish

Dimensions: 27x58x1736 mm
Available in 2 colours