Strong and durable wood composite

Thanks to our technological expertise, Silvadec has developed a unique ecological formulation of high quality wood composite (⅔ wood flour, ⅓ polyethylene). Our products are proven to be durable, slip-resistant and scratch-resistant. You can read the official test results below.

Slip resistance of our decking boards

Our Silvadec wood composite decking boards provide good slip resistance, for both bare feet and shoes. This is demonstrated by barefoot slip resistance tests according to German standard DIN 51097 performed at CSTB and tests on slip resistance wearing shoes according to German standard DIN 51130 done at the Rhineland TÜV:

– Barefoot test

The results obtained are: Class C – in other words good grip for bare feet according to German standard DIN 51097.

– Test on shoes Results obtained according to German standard for slip resistance for shoes – DIN 51130

  • Class R11: high grip (suitable for public decking on ground level and outdoor landings, etc.
  • Class R12:  strong grip (suitable for public courtyards and plazas, outdoor disabled ramps with 5% maximum slope, outdoor shopping centers, and cafeteria and restaurant floors etc.)
  • Class R13: verry strong grip (suitable for slaughterhouse or fish auction floors).

Scratch resistant deck covering

Our Silvadec wood composite products have good scratch resistance. Tests at the Technical Wood Centre performed on products in the Natural range (Elegance and Emotion boards) demonstrate punching strength and abrasion resistance equivalent to oak: Brinell hardness 59.6 MPa (very strong material).

We suggest the most appropriate boards for each use (under furniture, chairs, etc.).