Maintenance recommendations and cleaning products

Our products are based on wood and require periodic maintenance. Follow all the instructions given in full in this reference document, so that your boards can age and change well.

Some general rules are given in:

When and how to clean Silvadec composite decking boards?

You must clean your Silvadec outdoors wood composite: at least once every year for decks, ideally in the spring, twice every year for fences.


Use a stiff brush, and always work along the longitudinal direction of the boards, washing with water to which a diluted mild detergent has been added (dish washing liquid).
Clean the spaces between deck boards using a metal blade so that water can drain well.


Rub with a small brush and  wash with water to which a diluted mild detergent has been added (dish washing liquid). Please refer to the Maintenance Sheet if you have any specific stains. We suggest two different cleaning products below , depending on the type of stain and adapted to the Natural Range.


  • The use of a high pressure jet (Kärcher type) is to be avoided because according to the conditions of use it can alter the surface of the blades
  • Do not use solvent
  • Do not apply an oily coating, paint or protection product, restorer, renovator, on the board surface

Natural range: Action of UV and rain on changes to Elegance and Emotion composite boards

– Products in the Natural range, in other words the Elegance and Emotion composite boards, are affected by a temporary tanning phenomenon with yellowing of the boards the first time that they are exposed to UVs. After a few weeks of exposure to the weather, the colour will be similar to its original colour and will be stable. —

– The action of UVs and rain on our boards during the different seasons attenuates grease stains and surface scratches

– Elegance embossed decking boards do tend to change. The surface effect is attenuated over time.

High-Tech range: Special feature of Atmosphere composite boards

– The composition of products in the High-Tech range, in other words Atmosphere decking, fencing and cladding boards, makes it easy to clean them. Their polymer skin makes them more water proof and therefore it is easier to remove household stains if they are cleaned immediately.

– They can also be cleaned once a year using a stiff brush and a dilute mild detergent (dish washing liquid).