Which deck board should I choose?

There are two categories of Silvadec wood composite deck boards depending on the fabrication technology used:

  • Wood composite decking in the Natural range including Elegance and Emotion boards.
  • Wood composite decking in the High Tech range consisting of Atmosphere boards..

Natural Range: inherently authentic

Boards in this range are produced using a co-extrusion process. They are color-impregnated, which gives them a very authentic appearance resembling natural wood. These boards are worked just as easily as solid wood, and can be cut sanded or planed. Their barefoot-friendly temperature is comparable to that of exotic hardwood, making them ideal for swimming pool decks and outdoor patios. Finally, they are intended for outdoor use and must be exposed to UV rays and the weather to stabilize their color.

The Elegance wood composite board is a monochrome board. The Emotion wood composite board is color-impregnated by the injection of a random mix of coloring agents. The result is authentic charm, with each board unique!

Elegance Board Grooved Finish

  • Traditional appearance
  • Good slip resistance
  • Available in 2 widths and 4 colours

Elegance Board Smooth Finish

  • Contemporary appearance
  • Sleek lines
  • Available in 2 widths and 4 colours

Elegance Board Embossed Finish

  • Natural wood appearance
  • Wood-grain finish
  • Available in 2 widths and 4 colours

Emotion Board Smooth finish

  • Very dramatic appearance
  • 2 warm colours
  • Unique and authentic grain

High-Tech range: design by innovation

It consists of Atmosphere boards. These boards are manufactured using an innovative co-extrusion technology, warranting that your Silvadec wood composite decking will have exceptional and long-lasting properties such as high resistance to UV rays and stains. Immediate clean-up of household stains is possible, even with light colours.

The Atmosphere board is made using a unique co-extrusion process that consists of coating the wood composite with a protective polymer layer. This board is ideal for outdoor use but is also suitable for decks in sheltered or partly sheltered areas.

Atmosphere Board Brushed finish

  • Slip resistance (R12-R13)
  • 5 contemporary, stable colours
  • Easy maintenance

Help with choosing

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