Decking accessories and finishes

Discover our range of installation and finishing accessories for your composite deck, from wood composite joists to aluminum angles, as well as slip-resistant inserts. All these elements will help you install and customize your deck boards for a fast, efficient and aesthetic solution!

  • A complete and practical range
  • Installation elements to facilitate installation
  • Finishing elements for an aesthetic deck


Installing your wood deck will be child’s play using these accessories specially designed to make installation easy. Simply follow the installation instructions and it will be finished in no time!

Silvadec wood composite joists

Colors: Anthracite grey or Brown

Dimensions: 50x50x4000 mm (grey and brown joists or 50x50x3000 mm (brown joist)

Joists made of Silvadec wood composite hold deck boards in place. They are non-structural and must be placed flat on a concrete slab.

Aluminium joists

• Laying on Plots
• Laying on concrete slab

Dimensions: 47x76x4000 mm

The aluminum joist is an alternative to the wooden joist.
It proposes a structural solution and allows a durable laying on plots. It has been designed to simplify the installation of your terrace by making fingerings directly on a single joists.
Allows the installation of studs with important gaps: 90 cm for a private installation and 60 cm for public use. The maximum gap between the joists is 40 cm.

Bags of 30 screws

Screw for aluminium joist

Screw dimensions: 3.5 x 19 mm

Packets of 360 screws

A2 stainless steel screw with selftapping milled head. Screw compatible with single fastening clip. start and end clip, and with our aluminium joist.
The screws supplied with our clips are not suitable for the aluminium joist.
They are to be replaced by this special screw..

Single clip and stainless steel screws

New : Box of clips without screws

• Use one clip per board/joist intersection; and double the number of clips and joists for the buttings.

• Screw dimensions: Ø 4 x 35 mm

• Bag of 30 single fastening clips + stainless steel screws or box of 360 single fastening clips + stainless steel screws + Torx T15 bit.

• Box of 360 screwless single fastening clips available for fitting on aluminium joist

End-to-end clip and stainless steel screws

Packaging: Sold in bags of 10 clips + stainless steel screws

Screw dimensions: 4 x 35 mm

This clip is used to join several board corners on a single joist and on a single clip.

Start and end clip and stainless steel screws

Packaging: Sold in bags of 10 clips + stainless steel screws.

Screw dimensions: 4 x35 mm

This clip fixes composite boards at the edge of the deck to each joist, with no visible screws.

Removable clip and screws

Packaging: Sold in bags of 10 clips + screws.

Screx dimensions: 3 x 35 mm

This aluminum clip is used to create access to an element underneath the deck, or to make a deck partially removable by inserting one or two rows of removable clips between boards at regular intervals, instead of single clips.

Special composite screw made of stainless steel

Packaging: Box of 50 or 150 screws

Colors: Light gray, Dark gray, Light brown and Dark brown

Screw dimensions: 5 x 50 mm

These colored screws match Silvadec wood composite boards. They help to create a high quality finish during installation of finishing profiles. They can replace start and end clips at the outer edges of the deck.


Light grey: for “iroise grey and belem boards”

Dark grey: for “anthracite grey, cayenne and ushuaia boards”

Light brown: for “colorado brown, savannah and lima boards”

Dark brown: for “exotic brown, equator, rio and sao paulo boards”.


Finishing accessories are optional additions to installation accessories, to make your deck even more attractive and practical. It’s easy to customize your deck!

Silvadec finishing board

Dimensions: 138 x 23 x 4000 or 180 x 23 x 4000 mm (new !)

Colors in 138 mm and 180 mm
– 4 Elegance board colours
– 6 Atmosphere board colours

This finishing element frames your deck and makes it even more attractive. The 138mm board has two straight edges: it is fixed with special composite screws. The 180mm board has one straight edge and one machined edge where the clip passes: it can be fixed at one end by a screw and at the other end by a clip.

Slip-resistant insert

Dimensions: 45x25x2000 mm

The aluminum and epoxy resin slip-resistant insert clips into place between two wood composite decking boards. It satisfies all slip resistance requirements (e.g. makes a disabled ramp safe in public areas)


Packaging: Bag of 30 units

Dimensions: 10x10x50 mm

This aesthetic black rubber accessory is very practical and discreetly conceals all visible clips, for a lovely deck down to the last detail.

Aluminum angles

Dimensions: 37x74x2000 mm

This aluminum finishing accessory will make a perfect frame for your deck, elegantly concealing the edges of the joists and clips.

fascia boards

Dimensions (mm): 70 x 20 x 2000

Available in all Elegance, Emotion and Atmosphere board colours.

Fascia boards are brushed on one side and one edge. The brushed side is to be laid with this side visible. This accessory will set off your decking..

LED Deck Lighting

Dimensions: 50x23x2000 mm

The LED strip is easy to install and will create ambient lighting by illuminating your deck at nightfall. It is completely sealed (standard IP68), and can be cut every 5 cm. Attachment possible with the removable clip (to make it easier to change the LED if necessary).

The LED kit includes a main power supply (main connector, electricity transformer, multiple power outlet) and a deck LED (4m extension, LED strip, diffuser strip).

Solar floor-mounted LED light

Dimensions : height: 35 mm.
Drilling diameter: 35 mm.

Aluminium accessory
Solar marker lighting for your wood composite decking.
Does not require an outside connection.
Comes on at night automatically to mark your decking or create an ambience.
Waterproof to IP65
Sold by boxes of 4