THE SILVADEC® sun shade system



The Silvadec® sun shade system is a façade cladding product which enhances the comfort of your home, while regulating light and temperature.

It reduces the discomfort associated with direct sunlight, while maintaining light and a high degree of visibility inside the building.

Shades are strongly advised in the french RT2012 standard and meet the requirements of low energy consumption buildings (isolation component without thermal bridging).

Practical and Appealing

Made of wood composite and an aluminium reinforcement, it is a modular solution which is adaptable to different configurations.

It can be applied to a façade or to a free-standing structure.

It is highly flexible in terms of installation: horizontally, vertically, to create an aesthetic and functional architectural unit.


Mainly made of wood, the Silvadec® wood composite is a high quality material dyed in bulk. It is made from a blend of recycled wood flour sourced from France (2/3) and high density polyethylene (1/3).

It does not fade to a grey colour like solid wood and it is resistant to insects and fungi.

Additional informations

The sun shade system consists of two elements:

A wood composite board of cross-section 50 x 80 mm and an aluminium reinforcement of cross-section 30 x 20 x 2 mm. It is brushed on one side only (cross-section 80 mm).

  • Length: 4 meters.
  • Weight of a profil : 3.40 kg/metre run.
  • Available in exotic brown and anthracite grey.

Finishing cap for Venetian blind slat

Thermo-coated aluminium. Attractive finish for the Venetian blind slats, allowing the slats to be ventilated

  • Installation using screws
  • Dimensions (mm): 80 x 54 x 15
  • Colours: exotic brown and anthracite grey.

Orientation of the boards

The boards can be oriented in two different ways.

Laying examples.

Fixing examples.

Perspective view.

Type of installation:

It is essential that sun shade boards are fixed to the aluminium reinforcement (refer to the installation instructions at